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Accra is the lively capital of Ghana and has about 2 million inhabitants. It doesn't look as prosperous and luxurious as Abidjan (capital of Ivory Coast), but it certainly is more vibrant and safe.

Accra offers lots of hotels, affordable restaurants, two big markets (Makola and Kaneshie), and a nightlife second to none in West Africa. On the cultural side it has the National Theatre, the National Museum and the Arts Centre (a big crafts market with kente cloth, beads, wooden carvings, leather and brass work).

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Around Accra


At Legon, 14 km north of accra, you'll find the university of ghana which has beautiful gardens and tree-lined drives. It's library has a huge collection of books on africa.

Aburi Gardens

Aburi botanical gardens are about 30 km north of accra. These famous gardens have a collection of majestic tropical trees and a huge variety of plants from around the world.


Kokrobite, about 30 km west from accra, has a beautiful beach and a typical fishing community. Near the village is the academy of african music and arts, where you can watch concerts or take courses in drumming and dancing. On the beach is a beautiful place where you can get a room or a hut (or set up a tent), and have a good vegetarian meal. It's called "Wendy's place".


Larteh is 50 km north of accra. There you can find the Akonedi Shrine where herbal medicine as well as psychic healing are practiced by fetish priests.

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