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The coast

Ghana's coast is famous for its ancient slave-trading forts and castles, beautiful coconut palm shaded beaches and many fishing villages where you can enjoy good and cheap meals of fish, lobster and seafruits. The 15 forts along the 250 km coast, were mostly build in the 17th century by the English, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Danish. You can visit most of them and still smell the horror of these places. Elmina castle and the castle of Cape Coast have very good guided tours.

Ghana coast Fisherman Fisherman's boats Fresh fish Harbour Sunset
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Elmina is a small but vibrant fishing town, west of Cape Coast. Besides the castle and the fort, it's worth a visit because of the crowded fish landing where fishers unload their catch in the afternoon.


Dixcove is one of the most colourful fishing towns on the Ghanaian coast. Fort Metal Cross overlooks the bay and had been renovated. Dixcove is famous for its lobsters, which can be found on the beach or at the local market.

Kakum natural park

Kakum nature park is about 30 km north of cape coast. It's one of the last pieces of ghana's rapidly vanishing tropical rainforest. The park area is 357 sq km and has elephants, different species of monkeys and antelope. A typical feature of the park is the large number of hanging creepers and climbers.

Elmina castle Elmina dungeon Dixcove Cape Coast Coastal view Kakum canopy walk
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