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Climate of Ghana

Ghana, situated on the west coast of Africa, was formerly known as "Gold Coast". The country has three climate zones. The coastal area has a rainy season between april and june, and again from september till octobre. Generally temperatures are between 21° and 32°C. In the rainforests (central and eastern regions), the rains are heavier and last longer. In the north, the climate is drier and warmer (up to 40°C), and has only one rainy season.

The Ghanaians

Ghanaians 1

Its inhabitants (about 19 million) are known for their friendliness and hospitality. About 60 different languages are spoken, the most important are Akan, Ga, Ewe, Dagbani, Fante and Hansa. English is widely spoken throughout Ghana, and is the official language. There are three religious groups, with about two times as much christians than muslims (mostly in the north). The rest of the people (30 to 40%) practise traditional ancestral religions, and have their own fetish (or juju) priests.

Political climate

Ghana is a young, but fairly stable democracy, with mainly 3 or 4 big political parties. Besides this political system there still exists a kind of traditional system, where every village has its chief and a council of elders. In most big cities even every district has his own chief. The political scene is relatively calm, except for the far north-east where seem to be ethnic clashes from time to time.

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Travelling in Ghana

Travelling through Ghana is fairly easy, due to the numerous taxis and "trotros" (mini buses or small trucks). The governemental STC buses are rather comfortable and connect the big cities. Everywhere you can find hotels and guesthouses in different price-categories. On first time arrival the Kokomlemle guesthouse (in the Kokomlemle district of Accra) is a good choice, when you are looking for a moderate priced place to stay.

Food and drink in Ghana

The foods in Ghana are mostly "soups", which are really sauces or stews, made of groundnuts, tomatoes, onions, egg-plants, and fish or meat. They are eaten with fufu (mashed cassava, plantain or yam), kenkey or banku (sour fermented corn wrapped in plantain leaves). The main fruits are: pineapple, papaya, banana and orange. There are a few good breweries in Ghana, of which Star-beer is one of the best. Traditional drinks include: palm wine, pito (millet beer) and apeteshi (distilled palmwine).


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