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The Volta region

The volta region in the east of Ghana is one of the most beautiful parts of the country. A big part of it is covered with tropical forest and has hills and mountains (where the rest of Ghana is mostly flat). The region contains the Volta lake, which is one of the largest artificial lakes in the world, mount Afadjato, which is the highest point in Ghana, and the Keta lagoon, which is the lowest.


Ho is the capital of the region, and the area around it is very pleasant for walking and visiting a few villages. The village of Amedzofe has a small guesthouse.

Akosombo dam Volta Around lake Volta 2 women Volta village Cloth weaving
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Avatime hills

In the Avatime hills you can enjoy a cooler climate and a panoramic view of the volta lake. Near these hills are sacred monkey sanctuaries (especially near the village of Tafi Atome), where tradition forbids to kill or harm these animals.

Wli waterfalls

About 20km from Hohoe are the beautiful Wli waterfalls (the highest in Ghana). reaching them is fun and can be adventurious. You must cross several wooden bridges which span the meandering river before arriving at the falls. Thousands of bats have their home among the cliffs which surround the falls.

Keta lagoon

Keta lagoon, on the coast of the volta region, is the largest lagoon in Ghana and is a remarkable place to visit. Especially if you realise that the small town of Keta is very slowly dissapearing into the ocean.

Amedzofe Around Amedzofe Wli Falls Spiritual healing Keta lagoon Keta slowly dissapearing
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